Op-Ed by Richard Battle in The Washington Times

Reagan's Positive Attitude Needed Today More than Ever


Tribute to John Ben Shepperd by Richard V. Battle


 Unwelcome Opportunity - Overcoming Life's Greatest Challanges


Common Sense in Chaotic Times - Introduction to Conquering Life's Course.  Award winning self help book

Fox 5 Morning News Sunday on Fox 5 DC

Richard discusses essential tips to improve your pandemic life on Fox 5 DC on May 3, 2020

KMOX St.Louis - Overnight America with host Ryan Wrecker

We celebrate President Ronald Reagan’s birthday February 6, 2020 looking back on his leadership style and exemplary life.

Richard Battle remembers "The Great Communicator" in an interview with Ryan Wrecker, host of Overnight America on KMOX St. Louis.


Richard Battle, award-winning author of  Conquering Life’s Course and several other well received books joins host Burke Allen on Blog Talk Radio for an inspiring conversation on how to overcome grief.  Listen in to learn how life's challenges create opportunities to become stronger.  


Does Today's World Frustrate You?
Do You Wonder if Common Sense Is Vanishing?

Conquering Life's Course's stories of time proven principles have enabled people to live more successfully through the ages. 

Wake Up Tucson with Chris DeSimone

Richard discusses President Ronald Reagan's leadership and optimism on February 7, 2020

The Mike Schikman Show on WSVA

Richard discusses President Ronald Reagan's leadership and optimism with Virginians on the Mike Schikman show on February 6, 2020

660 The Answer in Dallas with Gordon Griffin

Richard discusses President Ronald Reagan's leadership and optimism with Gordon Griffin on February 7, 2020.

America - Armed & Free show - March 1, 2020

Charles Heller interviews Richard on Sam Houston's leadership and compares him with today's political leaders.

May 2020 interview of Richard in The Nationalist Magazine
In Conversation

May 2020 New Rationalist Magazine interview

May 7, 2020 program hour two

Stars and Stripes Radio

Interview with Chris Kettner

April 30, 2020

Conquering Life's Course interview

Richard is interviewed by Burke Allen on Zoom Into Books regarding Conquering Life's Course and his other books.

The Impact with Sammy Chioda

Sammy C interviews Richard

Hall-of-Famer Sammy Chioda discusses current affairs and Conquering Life's Course with Richard