Richard speaking at The Housley Principled Leadership Program at Angelo State University on January

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“What you do in the present will create a past that greatly influences your opportunities and dreams in the future.”


KEYNOTES - Become the 'YOU' you're Meant to Be


  • Become the You You're Meant to Be
  • The 4 Keys to Overcoming Life’s Greatest Challenges and Achieving Success
  • Achieving Excellence in the 21st Century - 9 Characteristics to Succeed in Any Endeavor
  • Scaling the Summit of Sales Success
  • The Dear John Message That will Lift Every Heart



  • Overcoming Life’s Greatest Challenges
  • Surviving Grief by God’s Grace
  • Conquering Life’s Course
  • Scaling the Summit of Sales Success
  • Effective Delegation for Leadership Success
  • Mastering Meeting Leadership
  • Manage Your Time so it Doesn’t Manage You
  • Successfully Leading Volunteers
  • Achieving Excellence in the 21st Century Workplace
  • How to Build a Winning Team
  • Goal Setting for Achieving Your Dreams

Speeches and workshops are customized in content and length by a pre-program assessment and consultation to maximize your results.


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