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Richard V. Battle



Helping People Win Every Day



Richard V. Battle

Advisor, Speaker, Author

Helping People Win Every Day



Overcoming Life’s Greatest Challenges

The Master’s Sales Secrets for Sensational Success

Your Threshold, Your Future, Your choice

How to recognize Life's Opportunities disguised as Challenges.

The 3 attributes that are necessary for you to Achieve Your Dreams.

Why your actions Today affect your Current and Future Dreams.

Volunteerism, The Spirit of America

Why you can Never give more that you receive.

The 3 groups that Always benefit from your contributions.

How and why your efforts do make a Difference in people’s lives.


Achieving Excellence in the 21st Century Workplace

How to get ahead when others are satisfied getting by.

How to identify and satisfy all of your customers!

Why it is important to excel today!


Negotiation for Success

Scaling the Summit or Sales Success

Become a Pro Closer and Increase Your Success

Characteristics of a Successful Leader

Successfully Leading Volunteers

Recognizing and rewarding your team.

How to manage non-performers

How to insure People (Volunteers and Others) Achieve their Best.

How to motivate people without a paycheck or job security.

Building a successful team.


Speeches and workshops are customized in content and length by a pre-program assessment and consultation to maximize your results.

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“What you do in the present will create a past that greatly influences your opportunities and dreams in the future.”

Clients Include

Bell& Howell


Texas Association of Life Underwriters


Austin Independent School District


John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Forum


Texas Volunteer Conference



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