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44 Strategies for Sensational Sales Success

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The Master’s Sales Secrets

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Differentiate yourself from your competitors for greater sales success!

Author of The Master’s Sales Secrets will tell your audience:

44 concise, proven strategies for Super sales success. 

Each strategy independently provides ideas that can be implemented immediately!

6 Unique closes you have probably never used.

How to pull instead of push to close more sales.

An Annual Sales Plan to focus your efforts

Why your monthly sales forecast is for your benefit.

21 Battle’s Bullets to expedite your sales success.

Comparing Tommy Typical  and Sammy Smooth sales reps. 

 Which one do you want to be?

12 quotes that inspire one to a more successful life.

Entertaining antecdotes from personal experience reinforce the strategies.

Easy to read

  ……. And much more


Will expand sales rep capacity and increase performance


Many sales reps continue efforts with suspects who need to be dropped because they aren’t ready to

buy.  Knowing when and how to do so will increase your sales.


Will increase your success against competitors.


Most reps habitually use the same selling tactics, proposals and closes, which good competitors know as

well as you do.


Developing additional strategies and tactics will enable you to WIN against your competitors more often!



Unlike sales programs, The Master’s Sales Secrets benefits rookies, seasoned pros

and management.


Many sales programs are cookie cutters that reps struggle to adapt to their experience level. 


Strategies presented can easily be used by all levels of your team immediately.


Focusing too much on the present and too little on the future prepares one for future



“What you do in the present will create a past that greatly influences your opportunities and dreams

in the future.” – Richard Battle


Long term success comes from planning for tomorrow while succeeding today. 


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