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Date of Publication:              July, 2002

Size:                                          5 x 8

Pages:                                        120, Bibliography

Binding:                   Perfect and Electronic

Retail Price:                            $ 11.45 paperback,


Subject:                    Love and loss, faith and hope, grace and salvation


· A must read for anyone in the throes of grief as it points to “the One who is able” to provide for the individual’s needs wherever he or she is at.

· Lessons for all in how to better live in a world that masks the reality and inevitability that everyone must face grief and death.

· The author shares 12 lessons learned from his tragic loss, which are hoped to comfort those who suffer the loss of a loved one, and to honor God.

· There are 46 scriptural references that are used in the text, and listed separately in an addendum for on-going reference.

· Epilogue that tells of the joy Richard and Laura experienced with the pregnancy and birth of their second child.

· It is a story of:

o  The grief, spiritual quest and grace that helped Richard and his family survive, and to live with hope for the future.

o The love that the author has for the son he lost, and the love that God has for us.

The impact that John had on his parents, people who knew him, and those in the future who will never know him personally.


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Recognized in the Writer’s Digest 2003 International Self-Published awards with a Honorable Mention

There is no greater loss in this world than the loss of one's child. This book is the first person account of the author's loss of his first and then only child.

· The foreword is by the pastor of the author's church, and validates the uses of scripture.

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Surviving Grief by God’s Grace

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