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Richard Battle faced multiple tests in a short period of time and shares how he with God’s daily provision overcame them.

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Unwelcome Opportunity

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Richard V. Battle



Helping People Win Every Day

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How does one respond to divorce, two heart procedures and a cancer diagnosis in ten months?


Author of Unwelcome Opportunity will tell your audience:


How to experience peace during

        the most trying of experiences

The question that is more 

              Important than “Why me?”

              during difficult times.

How a sense of humor is beneficial during adversity.

How we respond to challenges is essential to a fulfilling life.

Why this book now?

How our example helps others.

47 Scriptural references

7 quotes that inspire one to a

             more fruitful life.

Entertaining antecdotes from

             personal experience  during

            the trials

Easy to read


   ……. And much more 


All of us face life’s challenges at some point in our life


How we respond to challenges will determine our future.  Do we focus on self and limit our future or do we turn the unwelcome opportunity into an opportunity to help others?


Stands as an example of the availability of peace during trials.





“This wonderful book was just what I needed at just the right time.  Do YOURSELF a favor and read Richard Battle’s new book, Unwelcome Opportunity.”

Larry Gatlin


You’ll be glad you read his pilgrimage from when the world caved in on him!”

Mike Huckabee,                 


Former Governor of Arkansas, Two time U. S. presidential candidate, Author and commentator


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Peace is available during the toughest of times if one knows where to access it.  This story illustrates that fact.

Recognized by Reader Views in 2018 with a Second Place award in the Religion Category.